Baby & Child Vitamins

The gentle liquid multivitamin (30ml)

For babies (6 months +), toddlers and children up to 5 years

Meets all Department of Health guidelines for infants
Correct levels of Vits A, C and D3
Manufactured in the UK
Free from all nasties

Our carefully formulated product simply gives the three advised vitamins at precisely the right dose and leaves out all the other unnecessary ingredients. By choosing our product you are ensuring no unnecessary, excessive and potentially harmful over-supplementation. Aside from water, the only other ingredient is Glycerine. This small amount of Glycerine is necessary to keep the product fresh.

Our product is free from all nasties including colours, flavourings, artificial sweeteners, refined sugar and allergens. We are also suitable for vegans! This product uses vitamin D3, as opposed to D2, for better absorption.