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In these warm, judgement free e-books you’ll find support, solidarity & wise words from our wonderful children’s experts who cover everything from Sleep, Breastfeeding, Infant Development, Nutrition and Paediatric Health to Postnatal Physical & Emotional Recovery.  You’ll find out the essential things our experts think you just HAVE TO KNOW as you navigate this beautiful & crazy journey of parenthood.

Book 1: Download this first amazing e-book, which covers EVERYTHING from 0 to 6 + months of age.
Book 2 (coming soon): 6 months to 3 years.
Book 3 (coming soon): 3 years to 11+ years.

Your baby and you

This first AMAZING e-book covers EVERYTHING for 0 to 6 + months of age. 

Inside this e-book:

  • Introduction by Hollie De Cruz
  • Breastfeeding by Professor Amy Brown
  • Feeding your baby by Charlotte Stirling-Reed
  • Newborn health by Dr Kiran Rahim
  • Sleep by Rosey Davidson
  • Postnatal women’s health by Maria Elliott from The Mummy MOT
  • Postpartum & Birth trauma by Illyin Morrison
  • Early child development by Dr Martha

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